If you’re an UPCOMING or ESTABLISHED artist looking for Beat-makers / Producers or a Studio to record in, this category is yours. 

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If you make beats or produce songs, mix and master recorded tracks, this platform is for you. You're a Connect!   

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The Plug

Do you own a recording studio? Yes, great! Let's maximise your recording sessions and get your studio booked and busy.   

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About Us

As creatives, we only seek to accomplish that which yields creative solutions and produce optimum results. We are forward thinkers, working in an industry that comes across as efficient, but in fact, isn't. As MTP, we strive to bridge the gap between artists, who are our most integral part and the reason for starting up this initiative, recognizing challenges that befall them and down-scaling them to workable solutions.

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Beats and Instrumental

Check out the hottest selection of beats and instrumentals by various Beat-makers / producers on MTP.  

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Check out the latest beats / instrumentals from connects

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